When you are a parent, it can be a struggle. Today, I was reminded that being a parent can have its rewards. 


My oldest daughter Natalie is in the marching band at Morton High School in Morton, Illinois. She is in her second year of the program.

One of the things they teach is life lessons. Win or lose, you are in the program to learn to work as a team and be respectful to one another.

It was another successful season with their 12th straight class 3A state title. They also placed highest ever in the national competition organized by Bands of America.

Despite the distance between myself and my kids, I was able to attend every performance this year. They have such an amazing program and to see music alive and well is even more impressive.

Today, I received an email from the band program.  I thought it was a just a thank you from the leaders for their great season. What was attached made my day.

The students got into the Thanksgiving season and wrote notes to parents, band members, faculty and many others. One of those notes was my daughter.


When I first read this, it brought tears to my eyes. I was so thankful to read something like this. I know that parenting can be a challenge, but I wanted to share for everyone that when you show that you care about your kids and their goals and dreams, they will make sure they thank you.

What is even more exciting is my other daughter Isabelle  will be a part of all of this next year. And I can't wait to follow every competition no matter where they are.

Make sure to kiss your kids and  tell them that you love them.