If you have a Chicago Blackhawks fan in your life then you have to get them this for Christmas.

I'm telling you it will be the their best gift ever.

Not to mention a collector's item one day.

Plus, the cool thing is proceeds for buying said gift will go to a good cause.

Ok so now you're wondering what is this must have Blackhawks thing?

It's none other than the Jonathan Towes toaster or rather Towes-ter.

comingsoon.giveatoast.ca."Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Charities, which helps give kids a chance to participate in sports."WGN"NHL Legend Wayne Gretzky along with defending NHL MVP Connor McDavid."

Maybe I'm weird but I think this is so cool.

You know my sister's birthday is November 20th and she's a huge Blackhawks fan like me. Are you thinking what i'm thinking? Yep I think I can cross a gift off my list.

Thanks Jonathan Towes for your totally awesome Toews-ter toaster.