If you spent any time driving around on Saturday or Sunday in the Rockford area you may have had this happen to your car and you didn't even notice.

It happened to my vehicle, I guess at some point on Sunday, and didn't know it until it was way too late.

The combination of salt and snow is a pretty nasty mixture especially when that stuff gets stuck to your car.

The leftover residue creates a film of sorts and while that nastiness looks gross on the side of your car, did you know that the stuff can dim your headlights to the point where they are of no use?

Sweet Lenny Photo

That's what happened to me last night during my drive home. It was fine enough while driving through Rockford until the last leg of my trip took me down a very dark stretch of road.

Normally, my headlights would guide me home, but not last night. They were so covered with dried salt and snow that it was scary.

That's the first time in my life that happened to me, and the last. While filling up at the gas station this morning, I made sure I had cleaned up my headlights.

Sweet Lenny Photo

If you're headed out tonight, take a second to check out your headlights. There's a good chance they need to be cleaned off before driving off.