When you woke up this morning, before your feet even hit the floor, there's a pretty good chance you hesitantly rolled over to grab your smartphone to first check to see if it was really time to get up and second, see what the temperature is.

Sorry, but yes, it's time to get up, and I'm even more sorry that you're now seeing that you're apparently having an out-of-body experience because you woke up in the arctic; the temperature is a teeth chattering; blanket-gripping -2.

After rubbing your eyes a few times and doing a triple take, you start to wonder if the kids will have to go to school; it's way too cold for them to endure this type of cold.

According to WREX, RPS 205 has released a statement on their website, explaining how they make school closing decisions; it says:

Timing: The decision to close schools during extreme weather (typically snow, ice or extreme cold) is made as early as possible, often very early in the morning. The decision is based on the best weather information available and how inclement weather will affect students, staff and parents during travel times.


Temperatures: There's no official temperature that closes schools. The Superintendent and his leadership team consider several factors, including road conditions. Typically a wind chill of negative 25 will start the conversation about closing schools.


Who decides: Canceling school because of inclement weather is the Superintendent's decision, and he communicates with his leadership team to make the best decision for our students.


Please remember that the final decision is up to the parent/guardian. If you decide to keep your child or children home because of the weather, please contact your child's main office staff to inform them of your decision.

Ultimately, it is up to you, so what's it going to be?