As you know, we are only a few months away from electing a new president. In Kentucky, a new candidate is trying to get on the ballot and he is not like the others.

The Washington Post has a story about a cat named Limberbutt McCubbins. Yes, that is the cats name. He is trying to get on the ballot in the Bluegrass State"

You are probably wondering, how can a cat get on the ballot. According to the constitution:

"no person, except a natural born citizen … shall be eligible to the office of President.

Some people are taking that to the next level. Two of those people are Isaac Weiss and cat owner Emilee McCubbins. They say that they really don't want you to vote for the cat. They don't even plan on voting for him. But, as his campaign manager, they are having fun with this. They recently spoke to about the feline for president.

"“Limberbutt, for them, is an outlet to voice their frustrations and have a political discussion with a true outsider and hopeful Washington fat cat.”

I always encourage you to go out and vote. I am not sure that a cat who isn't old enough to run, unless you go by human years (He is 7, which makes him 56) would make a good candidate. With everything going on in the world, having a little fun is just fine with me.