Last Thursday there was a rumor that Jimmy Butler, from the Chicago Bulls, worked out at a Woodstock high school. Well it's been confirmed that rumor wasn't a rumor, it was true.

The Northwest Herald received confirmation from the Athletics Director, Curtis Price, at Marion Central that yes Jimmy Butler did workout out the school.

“Yes, he was in our school,” Price said. “He asked to work out at our school and we provided an opportunity for him to work out in private. He wanted to have some place where he could feel safe and secure and I was able to allow him to come into our school on Monday and Tuesday mornings to work out.”

The reason as to where Jimmy was staying or why he chose Marion Central as the place to work out with his trainer at is still a mystery. No one, not even Curtis Price, knows that. He was just happy to open the school gym for Jimmy to use it.

Apparently, Jimmy was going to use the school's gym that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but he didn't come on Wednesday and had moved on to his next place.

It's interesting to say the least. I wonder why he felt safer in this school to work out? I guess we'll never really know.