Parents, you think are so smart and have all your bases covered when it comes to hiding Christmas gifts from your kids before Santa makes his appearance on December 25th? Think again, your kids are smarter than you and they know all the spots. Instead, try these hiding spots.

Sitting in the corner of the garage under the recycle bin is not good enough, neither is the attic, or the basement, but these ideas are brilliant.

Fox News recently published the ten best places to hide your Christmas gifts and here are what we think are best, plus my own suggestions.

1. A Tow Behind Car Storage Carrier

You know, the kind you tow behind your vehicle when on vacation to store your camping and outdoor recreation goodies.

2. Behind a Plumbing Panel

Sometimes these are in the basement, sometimes in your closet.

3.  In Your Hamper or Laundry Basket

Ewwww, no one ones to touch dirty laundry. Believe me, if you have kids, it's impossible to get them to toss their laundry in a basket, most avoid even walking near one.

4.  Feminine Hygiene-Related Anything

Ladies, this one is for you, if you want to hide something small from that man in your life. Belive me, he won't go near a tampon container and neither will curious children

5.  The Neighbor's House

My idea, the reason is obvious, there is no chance your kids will find that XBox here. Just make sure the neighbor's kids don't find it, either.

6.  Suitcases

Kids will never look here as kids associate large suitcases with travel,. Plus, they are spacious and you can hide larger gifts here.

The more creative the better. Just remember when you were a kid, you knew exactly where to look. kids are smarter these days. One suggestion, make sure your kids are not reading this article.