Separate Egg Whites the Easy Way [Video]
As you guys know I love to cook and create new recipes. I also love to find time saving tips when in the kitchen.
Here's an easy way to separate your egg whites.
Wow! Now why didn't I think of that?
No more tossing the yolk between the two shell halves and hoping a piece doesn't break of…
Change a Car Battery with YouTube
Over the weekend my car battery of 6 years decided it was time to die. I have to say VW maker's do not make it easy to remove and install batteries.
However, I found this handy "How To" video and was able (with much help from my Dad) to change the battery...
Curious Cows and a Trombone [Video]
If you've ever spent anytime on a farm you will soon find out that cows are just as curious as cats.
Don't believe me. Watch how these cows react to a trombone serenade. This made me laugh especially near the end. Watch what the cows do...

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