Top 10 Road Trip Songs
This weekend I had some drive time and what better way to while away the hours than popping in your favorite tunes to enjoy the ride.I brought along my 2 favorite Greatest hits CD's by Kenny Chesney & Rascal Flatts.
When you're planning road trips no matter how long the drive, what …
Top 10 Country Karaoke Songs
Yesterday, I mentioned that Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places" was a good Karaoke song. That actually is the number 1 song picked for Karaoke.  Want to know what the Top 10 Country Karaoke songs are?
What Songs Make You Happy
Although Mother Nature tried to get the best of us this morning by snowing on us, we need to keep a happy face on because 1. It's Sunny and 2. Spring has officially begun, and 3. It's the International Day of Happiness. I want to know what songs make you happy?