RPS 205 Strike Day 1: A Hot Mess
The ball was dropped by Rockford Public Schools in a big way. As a parent of an RPS 205 student I think I can speak for many when I ask, "what the heck is going on?"
RPS 205 Offering Career Program for Aspiring Teachers
It's no secret that the Rockford Public Schools are hurting for teachers, so it makes total sense to start the recruiting process early right here in district 205. It also makes sense to offer aspiring young teachers incentives for staying in Rockford such as discounted tuition and guaranteed j…
Two Rockford High Schools Make Top 10 List for $10,000 Grant
The Ford Motor Company recently announced the STEM Community Challenge, which aims to build innovative and sustainable communities in this nation. The challenge will award $10,000 grants to two high schools who design the best projects that provide solutions for critical issues in their communi…