Perfect Pinterest Pick of the Week

25 Make Ahead Thanksgiving Casseroles
Since I can't cook, I have never gone through the craziness and tension of preparing a Thanksgiving feast for my extended family. I have watched my Mother work herself into a frenzy of preparation several times, so I know the key to success, besides giving each family member a dish to bring, is…
Perfect Pinterest Pick of the Week; Back to School
Establishing a back-to-school routine is rough after a few months of summer leisure, so I think every parent and student will appreciate help getting back into the swing of things. Here's some cool apps and tricks to check out to make sure this new school year is an efficient and successful one…
Perfect Pinterest Pick of the Week; 4th of July
I love the 4th of July, so narrowing down a few picks to share with you was tough for me. I found so many cool patriotic ideas on Pinterest, but let's face it, we all have limited time and budgets, so here are some easy (and cheap) ones to try this year.

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