Apprentices Wanted For Rockford Ironworkers 498
If sitting at desk all day for work doesn't appeal to you but doing something where you get to work with your hands does, then Rockford Ironworkers 498 wants you. They offer an apprenticeship program to learn the trade and are accepting applications now.
Lunch Meat Facility Moving Into Butterball Plant In Illinois
New tenants are moving into the vacant Butterball plant in Montgomery, IL. The former turkey products plant will be a lunch meat facility.
Well that kind of move makes sense. I'm guessing that lunch meat makers need similar equipment that Butterball needed for their turkey products...
Rockford Public School Is Hiring Lunch Ladies
Cafeteria lunches... we all have memories, good or bad, of standing in line with your tray waiting for the day's special to slopped on it. The Rockford Public School District is looking to hire lunch ladies, well not just ladies but guys too to help out for the school year.

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