DIY Irish Cream Recipes
Not a fan of green beer, but still want to celebrate the luck of the Irish with something other than corned beef? Give these two DIY Irish Cream recipes a try!
Make This Jingle Bell Shadowbox in 3 Easy Steps [WATCH]
While shopping recently I saw something similar to this in a store, and I thought, "Heck, I can make that!" I promise you, even the most un-crafty person can do this and it will turn out looking fabulous. Plus, if you're a smart shopper you can pull it off for less than $20! (…
Great Christmas Gift Ideas that Cost Almost Nothing
It's tough to budget enough money for Christmas gifts, but remember, it's not always the cost of the gift that counts. Sometimes a gift created by you especially for the person who will receive it is better than any generic gift from a store. Here's some great gift ideas that cost ver…
DIY No Sew Dog Sweater [WATCH]
There are some super cute dog clothes and sweaters available out there, but sometimes the price tag that goes with them is absolutely ridiculous. If you're looking for a great way to recycle  old sweatshirts or sweaters you never wear, turn them into a super easy no sew dog sweater.
How to Make a Falling Leaves Garland [WATCH]
Admittedly I am a holiday decorating junkie, but my efforts are always sub-par when it comes to Thanksgiving. It's not because I dislike Thanksgiving, it's just that in my opinion, there just aren't as many cute Thanksgiving decorations to buy as there are for other holidays. So, if I…

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