DIY Valentine Heart Garland
Do you have red cardstock, some scissors and a stapler? Good! Now you're ready to make this super easy Valentine heart garland, and it will only take you about 30 minutes to do.
DIY Reindeer Wreath
This cute reindeer wreath can be done with only a few supplies and a  couple easy steps. Even the most craft-challenged people can pull this off, I promise.
Repurposing Old Christmas Lights
We recently put up the Christmas decorations in the Q98.5 studio, and when I went to hang our string of C9 lights I realized we almost had more light bulbs that were out than we did lit. After replacing them all, I had a pile of burnt out bulbs that I just couldn't stand to throw away. So inste…
DIY Darth Vader Shirt
Halloween is almost here, and if your family is Star Wars obsessed, here is an easy-peasy Darth Vader costume you can make at home with a black shirt and some tape!

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