It could be innocent, but a lot of Roscoe residents are concerned this afternoon. It has been reported that suspicious male individual has been seen in taking photos of houses throughout the town.

At present there are no official police alerts or warnings, but social media has been flooded with individuals who are concerned.

Reports indicate that the person in question is a white male with "salt and pepper" hair and mustache. Roscoe residents say the man is taking photographs from his vehicle described as a burgundy/red colored SUV (older model) with white trim.

(Update at 5:38pm) Roscoe police confirmed that the subject has been located and has been identified as a home inspector taking photos of a home and its location.

Citizen's who are concerned should call Roscoe police if you observe any suspicious activity. it is always better to error on the side of safety. In this case the man in question has been cleared.