The 4th of July is always a great time to celebrate this great country and be treated to beautiful fireworks. Another thing associated with the holiday are sparklers. Which can be a hazard.Our news partner WTVO recently had a story about the Bartlett Fire Department demonstrating the dangers of sparklers. They do seem harmless, but they could do harm to not only your body but other items as well.

According to Mike Figolah, assistant Fire Chief:

"They're not considered a firework so people think, 'well what could happen?' the problem with it is that this sparkler can burn up to 1,800 degrees."

1800 degrees coming from a small piece of metal that burns for maybe a minute. I have always been cautious with sparklers and my kids are also very cautious.

Not only can bodily harm come from the popular novelty, but your clothing can go up in flames. A fake person was set up and a sparkler was lit on the shirt. After a minute, the shirt became nothing more than ashes.

Here is another stat that is very discouraging.

"In 2013 emergency departments treated 11,400 fireworks-related injuries. Of those, 64% are burns. 41% are second degree burns. Children are especially susceptible with 40%t of all fireworks injuries occurring to those under 15."

If you and your family are going to be using any fireworks, please be safe.

Here is the video that shows what could happen if you aren't safe with sparklers.