Trevor Walmer of South Beloit's cosplay costumes are getting recognized in more than one way. Not only for his award winning designs but because of his award winning spirit to use them for good.

WIFR reports that Trevor not has been recognized and gained awards from his realistic cosplay costume in Las Vegas but now those exact same costumes he designs are winning the hearts of sick kids.

Trevor works with the local chapter of the organization Costumer's with a Cause where he gets to wear his superhero costume to go visit and cheer sick children up while they are in the hospital.

Trevor and Costumer's with a Cause visit children throughout the "stateline and Wisconsin bringing joy to the kids who may need it most."

Trevor says that "It makes my day you know....It's sad what these kids are going through, but it makes you feel wonderful that you're giving them a good day." He also, said "You know winning competitions is always cool,” but that "being with those kids is the most rewarding thing his cosplay has brought him."

I think what Trevor is doing is very cool thing.