For anyone who loves to see an eclipse will be very excited to hear about the news that came out today. 

Meteorologist Tyler Sebree at WTVO  reported that on August 21, 2017 will be known as "Eclipse Day" That day is supposed to be the best time for an eclipse in the sky in almost 100 years.

All of North America is supposed to see some sort of solar eclipse. There is also a line that will see a 100% total eclipse line. The further South you go from the line, the less of an eclipse you will see.

Going to see the solar eclipse in ins entirety won't be that far of a drive. St. Louis, Missouri is one of the cities that are marked 100%. When this happens, there are other things that take place.

"If you venture to a city very close to the line of totality, odd things are often noted. Venus and Jupiter shine brightly. The infamous diamond ring is seen. And locations very near the line witness things like Baily's beads and shadow bands."

So, make sure you make plans to head south this time next year!