Have you been enjoying the unusually warm and balmy temperatures in the 60's we've had this week in the Stateline? You bet! Will it last? No! Get ready for a big change this weekend.

Hey, keep in mind, we usually see our first hint of snow around Halloween. This fall nothing! Not even a hard freeze, yet. Get ready after temperatures in 70's on Thursday, then the bottom will fall out and the thermometer will drop quickly this weekend.

Keep in  mind the normal high temperature in Rockford in November averages about 48 degrees with a normal low of 30 degrees.

This weekend the National Weather Service is forecasting temperatures to drop and yes, that four letter word S - N - O - W. The National Weather Service says that this weekend we can expect:

Blustery conditions continue through the night and into Saturday. Late Friday night and Saturday morning, flurries or even light snow showers are possible. Highs will be around 40° or a little shy of that Saturday and Sunday.
NWS Graphic

If you haven't tuned up your snowblower yet, you should be okay, as we are only expecting flurries this weekend, but be prepared, the colder weather is on it's way. Remember this is Rockford!