People always say things and then never go thru with what they say. For five people who work in Rockford, they backed up what they said with something permanent.WIFR TV has this story and I commend these people. There are a group of eight people who work at Swedish American Hospital. They said that if the Cubs won the World Series, they would all get tattoos.

If you have been living under a rock, the Cubs won the World Series. Now, it is time to see if this group will follow thru.

Sure enough, six of the eight people went thru with the tattoos. All of them went together to Odds and Ends Tattoos and each one of them had the Cubs emblem with the year 2016 underneath.

What makes this so unique is the fact they were not certain that the Cubs would never win the World Series.

"We always talked about, it'll never happen and it's always wait until next year," said Jan Hagenlocher, one of the masterminds behind this pact."