Six Flags Great America just unveiled their new roller coaster for 2017!

This is gonna be a crazy, scary ride! You just gotta take a look.



Oh my gosh! This is gonna scare the pants off me, but you know I'm gonna try this. I'm sure after screaming my head off on this ride I won't have a voice at all.

I thought Superman's twists and turns of flying through the air was crazy. This looks even scarier. Your seats flip around while your diving, dipping and going upside down on the track. I guess it's as demented as the Joker's mind.

According to ABC7, The Joker "will lift riders up 12 stories along a 90 degree lift. Then the thrill begins as the riders will flip head-over-heels at least six times along the weightless journey."

Here's a closer look at what the ride will look like once it's all complete for next season.

I so can't wait to ride this. I've been debating if I should renew my season pass. Now I'm I'm thinking I need to. Despite my nephew saying I scream to much, I'm think he's going to want to ride with me on this.