What's going on?

Event Venue, Hotel Coming to Rochelle
New things are coming to Rochelle's downtown. The city gave the nod for a new event venue, hotel and restaurant to move into a former building on the corner of 4th Avenue and Lincoln Highway.
Illinois' Top Baby Names
If you or someone you know is pouring over baby name books trying to find that perfect name for your soon to be little one, maybe the top names for babies in Illinois can help.
Craft Beer Program
Craft beer seems to be big business and a huge hit at the College of DuPage. Should Rockford's Rock Valley College have a program like too?
Community Helps Popular Food Joint
A popular Chicago restaurant was recently a victim of robbery and vandalism. The neighborhood rallied together to restore what was stolen and damaged from the 40 year old eatery.
Help Name Rockford's Falcon Chicks
The pair of Peregrine Falcons who've made a nest atop the Rockford Register Star's news tower will soon be welcoming 3 chicks into their brood. We need to help name them.
Dixon's Gratitude To Officer Dallas
It's been less than 24 hours and the community of Dixon is still reeling from the school shooting. However the residents, students and the shooting suspect's mother are all grateful to Officer Mark Dallas.
Curious Cows Captured
There was a bit of commotion this morning in West Chicago, IL as the cops received calls over a couple of curious calves wandering the roads.
Help Save Black Hawk Statue
Black Hawk statue in Oregon, Illinois is in dire need of help. There are several fundraising efforts being made this summer to save this well known landmark.
More Rockford Road Construction
Start planning out your drive time now as there will be five more Rockford streets that will be repaved this summer and naturally will cause a bit of a headache getting around the town.
Cougar Sightings At A WI State Park
One of the best places to camp and hike in Wisconsin is now a little wary as there have been reports of cougar sightings at Devil's Lake State Park.
Amazon Go Coming To Chicago
Amazon is planning to open one of their new stores in Chicago and the unique thing about it is that cashiers won't be necessary to check out purchases.
Lincoln Library Loan Crisis
The Abraham Lincoln Library Foundation in Springfield, IL may have to sell off artifacts belonging to our 16th president to pay off the loan.
Happiest Commuters Are In Chicago
Face it commuting to work stinks. The long waits, the speeding up and slowing down, the bottlenecks of people trying to get on and off the ramps. No one really likes it. Yet when it comes to that daily drive Chicagoans are the happiest of all commuters.
Celebrate Italian Beef
It's hard to believe that this festival has never been done in the Windy City. Chicago has added another fun festival to it's summer season, celebrating Italian Beef at the end of this month.