What's going on?

Johnsonville Recall
Johnsonville is recalling their smoked sausages due to possible contamination.
New Trend For Engagements
There's a new trend for engagements. Instead of a ring couples are opting for this type of jewelry.
Indiana Woman's Body Found in IL
A husband and wife who were reported missing in Indiana turned up today. The husband alive, the wife deceased.

The man was found alive and woman's body was discovered in an Ogle County landfill.
New Trend For Bathrooms
There's a new trend for going green for bathrooms.
Is Rockford is ready for this trend? Will you be on board with it?
Illinois School Closes
An Illinois school announced it will close but not because of the flu or anything of that matter.
Hawks Could Be Making NHL History
The Blackhawks could be making history in the NHL, but it isn't the way the fans and most likely team wants it to be made.
Target Recalls Jeans
All target stores are accepting recalled jeans due to causing lacerations.