As we head into Summer, it is time to be thinking about safety for kids as they head to the pool this summer. It is always sad to hear a child drown because someone wasn't watching them. 

According to WTVO, "Sixteen Illinois children, under the age of 18, lost their lives due to accidental drowning in 2015.  Seven of those were in pools - 10 kids didn't make it to their fifth birthday.  Every day, two children in the U.S. younger than 14 years old die from drowning.  It's the leading cause of injury or death for children under four."

Those are scary statistics to read. So, with the help of the CDC, here are some safety tips for the Summer season:

Learn skills that can save your life

Fence off your pool area. 

Life Jackets are a MUST

Keep Your Eyes On Your Loved Ones.

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