If you are looking for some different Cubs swag during the World Series and don't want to drive far, then you might want to check this out. 

WIFR TV has a story about C & E Specialties here in Rockford coming out with original Chicago Cubs attire. It doesn't have the logo, but the shirts are really cool looking. They have the words "Let's Go" on a blue shirt and it has red stars underneath.

What makes this shirt so unique is that is has a Cheap Trick tie to it. The font on the t-shirt is just like the shirts you see with the Cheap Trick name.

Despite the shirts not having a direct message to the Cubbies, people have an idea what the meaning of the shirt is. Chris Wachowiak. who is the Sales, Marketing and Branding Director for the printing company says there is certainly some local flavor to the product.

"It's obviously a tie in with the Cheap Trick font. We tied in the Chicago stars. It's got the Rockford touch to a Chicago spirited shirt."

The folks at C & E specialties have been busy, with at one point producing over five hundred shirts in one hour.

It also is a shirt that others across the country are wanting.

"I'm getting emails, Facebook messages and posts from buddies who have moved from Colorado to Nashville and they're like, 'Hey, can you ship me one of those shirts?"

You can go to Culture Shock or Crimson Ridge to purchase.