The Rockford Rescue Mission received an unexpected, yet very welcomed, donation of $5,000 to reward them for all their work in the helping those in need.

WIFR reports that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois awarded the Rockford Rescue Mission a check for $5,000 in honor of their work and dedication in the community of clothing, feeding and sheltering thousands of people in need on a monthly bases.

As part of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois 80th anniversary celebration, the insurance company is "handing out eight surprise grants to different organizations making a difference in their local communities."

The Rescue Mission was the first of eight. Those at the Rockford Rescue Mission had no idea that they would be a recipient of such a large reward.

Wow! I think that is awesome!

We here at Q98.5 have helped the Rockford Rescue Mission in their time of need in providing meals for those that are hungry. I can only imagine how many meals that will provide and how much hope it will give to those that are need of being filled both physically and spiritually.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois a big thank you goes to you and your generous gift.