As a new resident here in Rockford, I keep positive about things. Then a list comes out that puts Rockford in the top 20 worst cities to live in and I get upset

A list came out by the website 24/7 Wall St. that ran down the 50 worst places to call home, based on different factors, including social and economical factors. Those factors include the affordability of housing, employment growth, crime, education and nearby attractions.

After the dust settles, Rockford came in at number 18. According to the report:

"Property values in Rockford, Illinois are strikingly low. A typical home in the city is worth only $87,400, far less than the $181,200 a typical home is worth nationwide. A declining population is likely not helping property values in the area. In the last five years, the city’s population has shrunk by 6.2%. The prevalence of crime may be one reason people are leaving Rockford. There are 1,235 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents in Rockford, a higher violent crime rate than in all but a few other U.S. cities."

If there is any good news coming out of the list, they did say that Rockford is an inexpensive place to live.

It took me by surprise when I saw the number one city on the list. When you read what the city is, you may do a double take.

Miami, Florida.

Yes, Miami. The reason is that the median price of housing is outrageous. Plus, people aren't making a lot of money. The rest of the top 10 includes Detroit, Michigan; Paterson, NJ; Hawthorne, California; Fall River, Mass.; Birmingham, Alabama; Memphis, Tennessee; Flint, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio; and Gary, Indiana.

Chicago did not make the list, but Peoria came in 36th, the state capital Springfield was 29th and Milwaukee was 22nd.

For the complete list, click here.