222 18th Avenue, this is an address here in Rockford. Nothing special about it except for the fact that one of the deadliest biker gangs in the world frequents this location. It's the unofficial official clubhouse of Rockford's Hells Angels. And now it's been condemned.

According to WREX, "The social club was illegally operating inside the property. Rockford Police were on scene during Thursday's condemnation, which took place without incident. The city also says representatives were able to discuss the issues with someone from the club on-site and advise on what steps needed to be taken next."

If the Hells Angels wanted to keep the Rockford hot spot going they would've been there to put up a fight. They're probably moving out like most Rockfordians are doing. Trust me. A couple cops hanging out wouldn't have stopped them.

Back in the day when I was going to school in Tucson, AZ. My roommate was part of the Fiji Fraternity. They had stolen the design of the Hells Angels jackets and turned them into t-shirts.

It didn't take long for a couple members to show up at the door and demand that ALL shirts be turned in. They didn't ask nicely either. Luckily for my roommate, he wasn't there. So, he got to keep his life AND his t-shirt. It's the little things, right?!