The Rockford Fire Department is using the power of local stateline celebrities in hopes of gaining new recruits.

WREX reports that the Rockford Fire Department is using the local celebrities of former Baltimore Ravens and Super Bowl Champion, Sean Considine, Cheap Tricks Rick Nielsen, and Author Kimberly Lawson Roby to help attract more Rockford residents to apply to join the Rockford Fire Department.

Jeff Kloweit, a recruiter for the Rockford Fire Department, came up with the idea to make a recruiting campaign commercial using local stars. He said that "We don't get that many people to apply from Rockford. We really want more people to apply from Rockford. So that's why we've incorporated some local celebrities to help us in our mission."

The fire department is expecting 1,000 candidates to apply and hope the commercial, which will be airing soon, will encourage more "Rockford-ians" to apply.

Now I think that's a really unique way to grab people's attention.

I wish the department well in this fun en devour. – Rockford’s News Leader