There may not be any snow on the ground, but one Rockford family is feeling blue after someone acted like a grinch.

A Rockford family had their Christmas spirit deflated after someone decided to steal the light display that would project Christmas lights and colors.

One person in the family is feeling particularly sad this morning.

"You didn't just steal from us,” said Ashley Payne, a mother of two. “You literally stole my child's smile this morning."

They found out about the theft when they were leaving for school yesterday. Ashley noticed that the LED display was missing. Is that going to stop this family from celebrating?

"It's still the holidays,” explained Payne. “It's still Christmas and my kids' smile is what means the world to me. So we're going to go on put up more lights keep moving forward and hope that this doesn't happen again."

She also thinks that whoever stole it may not have the money to purchase the light display. I can only hope that this is the case. Stealing from someone's Christmas display is wrong!

Thank you to WIFR TV for the information in the story.