It seems as though our Facebook feeds are full of politics more now than ever before. Instead of unfriending your politically opinionated friends why not just block political posts altogether?

It's like a gift from the social media gods - we can finally block political posts.The only catch to blocking all the headache inducing political talk is it only works on Google Chrome.

The app extension is called Remove All Politics From Facebook and it's free.

How do you install it? It's very easy and I will walk you through it.

  • Click this link.
  • Add To Chrome.
    Google Chrome
  • Click the blue Facebook-like box to the right of Chrome's address bar.
  • Off button.
    Google Chrome
    Google Chrome

    I should warn you, this only works with Google Chrome's browser. You will still see political posts on Facebook's mobile app for now. Why? Well, according to,

    Currently, there are no extensions or applications to block political posts within Facebook’s mobile app. To remove political posts from your Facebook app News Feed, your best and only bet at the moment is to either unfriend or unfollow these individuals. You can do this by simply selecting the downward arrow on any post in your News Feed.

    Let's all thank WGN-TV for sharing the greatest news of the week... and possibly best news ever.