This little robot is making a big impact in Rockford. Check out how it's changing learning in Rockford and the rest of the U.S.

Computers and robots have been a big part of our lives for decades, and if you're like me you wonder how it works. Thanks to nationwide initiative called "Hour of Coding" don't have be uber smart to learn how to program computers and robots. (Insert mad scientist laugh here.)

JB Love, Townsquare Media

Professor Chuck Konkol teaches the classes at Rock Valley College as a way to get both adults and kids involved with coding. Coding is how computers, software, apps, and robots are programmed. The classes are for everyone from age 5 to 105, from beginners to experts.

Still confused? I'll explain coding as if you're five years old. Coding is language used to tell whatever you're using what to do.  You'll learn on a specially created website with drop, drop, and click instructions. There's also games (or challenges) that help you learn coding tips and tricks. If you get confused just ask any of the assistants standing nearby.

JB Love, Townsquare Media

The Hour of Code classes that involve creating/coding an app is usually free, but Ozobot's class has a small fee. Why? Because you can take the robot home! You even get a binder full of games and extra information about your new friend.

JB Love, Townsquare Media

When participating in an app coding class, you will bring home a certificate and have the option of texting yourself your app or sharing it on social media.

The classes are a great opportunity for kids and adults to learn something new together, while having fun.

If you would like to learn more about Ozobot's classes just click here.

Check out this video with a little more info about Ozobot.