So I was presented with the challenge to eat sweet corn, raw. I accepted!As the self proclaimed sweet corn expert here at the radio station and someone who eats sweet corn on a daily basis during the prime of sweet corn season, I happily accepted the challenge of eating raw sweet corn.

Now, keep in mind, I will typically chow down four to six ears of sweet corn every day. of course, it has to be topped with loads of butter and a little salt, and cooked for 10 minutes in boiling water. I found out I'm doing it all wrong, and you might be too.

Did you know you should not cook fresh sweet corn, especially the Mirai variety? You should only heat it up for no more than 3 minutes if you use boiling water

Liz and Gary from Twin Garden Farms in Harvard stopped by with their wold famous Mirai sweet corn. Here are some things you didn't know about sweet corn.

Shortly after I spoke with Gary from Twin Garden Farms, Q98.5's Sean Kelly popped in the studio. What you didn't know, Sean is a self described corn 'hater'. What? Can such a  human being living in the corn belt exist? How can anyone not love corn on the cob?

So Gary and I challenged Sean to the ultimate test: To try some uncooked Mirai sweet corn!

Enjoy this time of the year while the sweet corn is the best. Sweet corn season runs through the end of September, but is the best in Late July and August.