With 2016 coming to an end, let's do a bit of reminiscing and take a look back at the year we had at Q98.5 and here in the Stateline.

We had an awesome year enjoying some great country concerts, raised thousands of dollars for St Jude Children's Research Hospital, thousands of dollars for the Rockford Rescue mission and a ton of toys at our annual 12 hours of Salvation Army Toy drive.... all while having a ton of fun!

While all this was going on we also kept you up to date on events and happenings around the Stateline along with human interest stores here at Q985online.com. From Creepy Crawlers, to karaoke Cubs-singing Rockford Priests and Bishops, to the loss of a beloved country music dancing venue, we covered it all.

So, just for fun, I went back though all the great stories we published in and found the 10 most popular articles you were talking about and sharing over the past year at Q985online.com.

HERE is your Top 10 for 2016


#10 Five Foods You Should Throw Out After It's Expiration Date

Check your refrigerator and cupboards, and throw out these five foods if they expired

#9  Huge 8-Eyed Wolf Spiders in the Stateline

Yuk! Spiders! This past fall the Stateline had a new creepy crawly visitor.

#8 Missing Person Hoax Warning in DeKalb

The hoax involved a fictitious person named ‘Kitty Collins’. DeKalb Police are warning that this missing person alert is a HOAX.

#7 Rockford Bishop and Priests Sing Go Cubs Go Carpool Karaoke

Everyone was getting into the Cubs spirit, even a group of Rockford priests

#6 Traffic Fines Increasing In Illinois Because of Expired Stickers

Illinois drivers are getting tickets for expired stickers because the Secretary of State would no longer mail out renewal notices.

#5 Cadillac Ranch Announces It Is Closing

After years as a place to line dance and enjoy live country music in Northern Illinois, Cadillac Ranch has announced it will be closing.

#4 Your Old Disney Films Could be Worth Big Money

have you kept any of your old Disney VHS Tapes? Some are worth big bucks

#3 Illinois Has Issued a Dangerous Air Quality Alert

Record recorded the highest mold count, of over 70,000, back in October that had people wheezing!.

#2 The 25 Worst Towns in Wisconsin

Most people when they talk about Wisconsin, brag about the state. Of course, anywhere is better than Illinois, right? Well, every state has it's favorite towns, but some towns don't seem to measure up. This made out list two years in a row.

#1 Watch What Happens to Your Chick-Fil-A Styrofoam Cup
Wow! We bet you had no idea that’s what they did with all of those cups did you? Watch the video.