This tends to happen to me a lot on Wednesdays, but I fell in love again today with a little dog named Casper.

I will admit that I get mad at Donna Apgar from Winnebago County Animal Services when she does this to me. I am sucker for a little lap dog, and every time she brings one to visit us from the shelter she enters with a sly smile knowing full well that I am about to fall in love.

Today, was no exception. Especially after Casper spoiled me with so many sweet doggy kisses.


Shannon Zimmerman, Townsquare Media




Sadly, I cannot bring Casper home furever, but hopefully you can. Stop in and adopt him today at Winnebago County Animal Services for $110, or call 815-319-4100 for more information on animal adoption.

Casper, thanks for the kisses. I won't forget their sweetness anytime soon. Have a happy life, buddy!