A parent is always nervous when they start feeding their baby solid foods, but this Dad's terrifying experience could have been avoided by simply reading the label on his child's snack.

The possibility of my kids choking freaks me out. I have been versed in how to perform the heimlich maneuver on a child, but I often worry about how I would actually handle it if my kid was really choking.

My oldest daughter Ella ate Gerber's Lil Crunchies like candy when she was younger. I loved these because they were made with whole grains, she could eat a ton of them and they didn't add up to many calories, and best of all they were easily dissolvable for beginning eaters. Or were they? Did I ever really take the time to carefully read the package to know their dissolveability lessens 5 days after the container is opened? No, I did not, and this Canadian Dad's story could have easily been mine.


Thank you, Justin Morrice for giving me a hard dose of reality by sharing your scary story. I'm so glad to know this story has a happy ending though, and that your daughter is safe.