For one night on Saturday, all of your dreams could come true.The jackpot for the Powerball is going to reach close to $500 million dollars. That number will be lower if you decide to take the money upfront. Then you win $330.6 million dollars.

Now, if you are wondering what the odds are of winning the big jackpot, they are 1 in 292,201,338.00. Those are extremely high odds. In fact, you probably won't win. But, there are better chances of things that could happen to you.

Here are some odds of events from CNN Money (This article was written when the Powerball jackpot was up to a ridiculous $1.5 Billion:


  • Have an IQ of 190 or greater (1 out of 107 million)
  • Give birth to quadruplet, even without the help of fertility treatments - (1 in 729,000)
  • Be killed by an asteroid stike (1 in 700,000)
  • Being an American billionaire (1 in 575,097)
  • Be killed by a lightning strike (1 in 164,968)
  • Die by drowning (1 in 1,113)
  • Be struck by lightning, while drowning (1 in 183 million)

Remember, make sure to play responsibly today and tomorrow. If you happen to win, I am only a phone call away.