Pokemon go is getting to know you real well. I hope gamers realize it's gathering all kinds of information on you.

Pokemon Go is all the craze recently, but according to Buzz Feed you need to check your phones privacy settings because the game is gathering all kinds of information on you.

So while you're busy searching high and low for the next Pikachus and Jigglypuffs, Niantic Inc., the company that created the game, is busily gleaning information off you.

Now you might say so what? Well the so what is this: all information that Niantic collects like "your email address, IP address, the web page you were using before logging into Pokémon Go, your username, and your location. And if you use your Google account for sign-in and use an iOS device (unless you specifically revoke it)" is vulnerable to hackers."

You've granted Niantic complete "access to your entire Google account, if that is the account you used, meaning it has "read and write access to your e-mail and Google Drive docs, and more."

Niantic also can share your information to third parties so that they can conduct research and data analysis on the things that you do, look at, and places you go.

Hmmm... I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to freely give that information up just for a game.

Honestly, it is all fun and games until you get hacked.

Just be very aware of what you're doing, what you're kids are doing and be be sure to check your privacy settings and turn things off.