Have you've been thinking about getting a dog or cat to complete your home? Now is the time to get one, as over 100 animals in Winnebago County are in need of loving homes.

WREX reports that the Winnebago County Animal Service (WCAS) is in need of homes for 40 dogs and 70 cats as their shelter has become full to capacity.

The shelter is looking for people to adopt a dog or cat, foster them or for other animal rescue centers to help them by taking a few of their animals as they have more pets they want to put out on the "adoption floor."

If you would like to foster a cat or dog WCAS requires that you live in Winnebago County.

If you're interested in adopting or fostering and learning more about Winnebago County Animal Service give them a call at (815) 319-4100 or visit .www.wcasrock.org.

You know summer is great time to get a pet, because you're outdoors and can spend a lot of time with them playing and training them. Just a though if you're on the fence of should I or shouldn't I get a new animal companion.