If you watch any TV, especially late night, you see his annoying commercials over and over and over. He claims he can get you get you big settlements in court. Well, apparently, he couldn't win when his wife was the target of a lawsuit by a dog walker.

DNA info is reporting that the wife of celebrity bankruptcy lawyer Peter Francis Geraci was  ordered to pay $275,000 as a result of a confrontation she had with a dog walker that occurred in an elevator in a Chicago high rise

The verdict was rendered on Wednesday. The case involves a lawsuit filed by Holly Geraci against dog walker Robin Di Buono. Geraci claims she was assaulted 20-30 times in an elevator by Buono.

The jury determined that is was actually Geraci who assaulted Buone, not the other way around.

Ms. Geraci was represented by her husband's famous law firm featured in TV advertisement.

If you are one of the few who have never seen the annoying TV commercials by Chicago TV lawyer Peter Francis Geraci, consider yourself lucky. If you would like to see it, check out the video below