There is something fishy about the newest incarnation of Oreo cookies. Introducing "Swedish Fish Oreos".

It's not a hoax, so, what the heck are these and what do they taste like?

According to the Delish website the cookies feature:

The brand's classic sandwich cookies, surrounding a fire engine-red creme filling that's supposed to taste like Swedish Fish. One can only assume that must mean waxy, with a hint of fruity flavoring that's something like cherry, lingonberry or postage stamp glue, depending on who you ask.

One enterprising cookie fan has already trying to sell them on Ebay.

Here is a review of the cookie posted on Youtube

A representative of Oreo confirmed described the fishy cookie as:

"a gummy-candy-meets-chocolate-cookie mashup" ...and yes the cookie is real.

Sorry cookie fans, the bad news is that the cookies will only be available at Kroger stores in Ohio and are only available for a limited time.

I say....ROAD TRIP!