Hunting for Magikarp, Raichu and Pikachu's? Pokémon Go lovers, there is now a class for that.Northern Illinois University in DeKalb has announced a class to teach you the science behind Pokémon Go.

It's only a one day class and no credit hours will be earned, but it sound quite educational and fun.

The class is designed to teach you how Pokemon Go works.

  • WHEN: August 13th, 6 - 8 p.m.
  • WHERE: Northern Illinois University, Campus Life Building, Room 100
    (located at the corner of Normal Rd. and Lucinda Ave. in DeKalb)
  • COST: $6 per person or $10 per couple or family
  • WHO: Open to all ages!

The class is sponsored by NIU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and is being billed as a "one-day fun day" event. Students will learn about how mapping and GIS are used in the Pokémon Go app. You will also meet other Pokémon Go fans, and have fun catching some Pokémon around NIU's beautiful campus.

Participants will also have a chance to win some prizes.