This is such a cool story about my Alma Mater N.I.U. that I had to share. A student there spent the summer creating a prosthetic hand for a girl so she could play violin.

I found this story through NIU's facebook page and it's also at ABC7's site.

Engineering student, Oluseun Taiwo, under the supervision of his professor, Fedrico Sciammarella, created a custom prosthetic hand to help Huntley Middle School student, Sarah Valentiner of DeKalb achieve her dream of becoming a violinist.

Oluseun spent three months, this summer creating this for Sarah with the use of a 3D printer.

The prosthetic hand Sarah had previously didn't allow her the proper range of motion to advance her skills. Now with the prosthetic Taiwo designed for her,she is "able to reach all the right notes."

Sarah has said that she was "so inspired by her experience, she plans to study engineering when she gets to college, just like Taiwo."

Wow! How awesome is that. Many College students would prefer not to work during the summer break let alone think about doing class work, but Taiwo did and he made a huge difference in the life of a young girl.

It really makes me proud be a Husky. Congratulations and good job Oluseun Taiwo.