If you or someone you know is planning on getting married in the late spring, summer or fall of 2017 then you need to check out the new wedding venue that's opening to Rockford in 2017.

Klehm Arboritum, according to the Rockford Register Star, broke ground on Wednesday for a new venue for weddings and other events.

"The Garden Pavilion & Terrace will be a semi-permanent white wedding tent that will sit on a concrete floor in a landscaped terrace on Klehm’s grounds. The tent, which will hold up to 400 people, will feature clear sides that can be open or closed."

The Pavilion will be open from May through October, starting this May 2017. The thought is that couples could use the Fountain Garden for the wedding followed by the reception in the Garden Pavilion and Terrace. Keeping everything in one place.

Wow! how neat. I bet that's going to be so pretty. If I were getting married I'd definitely check into this place as the spot. I guess for now, I'll just tuck that away into the back of my mind for that "one bigday". Hey, there's nothing wrong with  dreams right and having some sort of plan, right?

For more information about the new Garden Pavilion and Terrace or to book your event there, call 815-965-8146 or visit www.klehm.org.