Well all that construction hassle and headaches on 173 in Machesney Park is certainly paying off.

New businesses will be opening in the corridor.

Mayor Jerry Bolin told WREX  that opening soon along the 173 corridor, or better known as West Lane Road, will be three new businesses to start filling empty storefronts.

- Rue 21 clothing store.

- All About Eyes

- ATI Physical Therapy -

Mayor Bolin also said that "there is more space to lease for future businesses in the area as well."

The construction of and opening of the five lanes of traffic has now made it easier to access more stores and businesses along that route. Wow! you know that helps out when you're on the go all of the time to be able to stop off at a business along your route without having to drive out of your way for something you need to get on your "To Do" list.

Wow! What else would you like to see move into those vacant spots on 173?