If you are addicted to Netflix, this will make your happier.

How many times have you ever been traveling, and you lose your internet signal, and boom...your Netflix show you were watching just stops. Yikes!

Your sitting on the tarmac at the Chicago-Rockford International Airport and the the flight attendant tells you to switch your smart devices into 'airplane mode'. Say goodbye to that episode of "Orange is the New Black" until you touchdown three hours later in Vegas.

Since the Netflix has been around as a streaming App, this rule has applied:

No internet signal or cell service = No Netflix

This changes as of today and the world is now happier! Netflix announced that as of today, you will now be able to download most your favorite shows or movies to your smart device. This will allow you store your show on your iPhone, Android or iPad, for viewing anytime you want.

Netflix customers will have to download the updated version of their app  Keep in mind not every show or movie will be available for download. Obviously this will require you to plan in advance and get your shows ready for download before you enter the dreaded 'no service' or 'no wifi' zones.

This is a real game changer that is making everyone very happy.