As we get together for the holidays, one gift everyone is thankful for is our health. There is one Mount Morris girl who will be wishing that for Christmas. I wrote recently about a wonderful seven year old girl named Emmalyn Freeze. She is sufferieng from a rare disease called Chiari malformation, a defect of the cerebellum. Emmalyn has suffered from headaches and body pains for a long time.

Now, she is going thru more problems. According to Emmalyn's Mom Stephanie Freeze Facebook Post, she is having to go back to New York City.

"I wanted to update everyone on Emmalyn's MRI! We didn't get the best report from Dr Greenfield. She has another leak and is collecting fluid again! First steps are going to be to explore to see if the shunt has malfunctioned! If not then we have to come up with a way to decrease the pressure!

Her syrinx on the spine is the next issue which seems to have gotten larger! Looks like we are going to have a rough road coming up and Dr Greenfield will do everything to get things better!

Please pray for Emmalyn an her upcoming road she has to face now!"

What makes this even more heartbreaking is she wants to be home for the holidays. Emmalyn was in tears yesterday because the only thing she wants for Christmas is to be at home. That is now something that may not happen. They had to change flight plans and head to New York City very soon. The timetable for her stay is unknown, which makes holiday plans up in the air.

I was able to talk to her mom and she was just overwhelmed with everything happening so fast. This girl needs your thoughts and prayers during this  difficult time. I am very fortunate to have healthy children, and I will certainly do whatever I can to make this Christmas.

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