When her barely one year old son passed away from a rare liver disease, this mother vowed to keep his memory alive by helping other children with a band aid drive.

WTVO caught up with Tiffany Jacoby to her why she's heading up a drive for all kids of latex free band aids for children.

Tiffany said "Day after day it was lab draw, lab draw, lab draw, and band aid, band aid, band aid," on her son while he was waiting for a liver transplant.  Sadly, Cillian never received the liver transplant, but due to his hospitalization that's where She got the inspiration for the band aid drive all while keeping her sons memory alive.

Her son received band aid after band aid and then she got to thinking this "hospital has 20 some-odd floors! That's a lot of kids getting lab draws, that's a lot of band aids that they go through."

Tiffany "plans to make it an annual event, running from Cillian's birthday, August 5th, through the day he got his angel wings on September 29th."

The types of band aids she's wanting to collect would be any with those fun characters and pictures on them for children to pick out to help brighten there day even though they're getting stuck by needles.

"If you'd like to donate a box of latex-free band aids to Cillian's Band Aid Bonanza, you can drop them off from now until Sept. 29th at Lane Bryant at Cherryvale Mall or at Lindsay Castronovo's offfice at Key Realty at 6755 Weaver Road in Rockford."

I think that's pretty cool and it's so simple and easy. When you're out running errands today remember to pick up a box of fun band aids for kids too.