If you're looking at purchasing a new car, you need to be aware of a hidden secret that many newer cars hold.

So what's this secret?

You won't believe this but according to this NBCChicago report, over 1/3 of new cars do not have a spare tire.

Really, I'm not kidding. Many new cars have a tire inflator kit in the spare tire well instead of the actual spare.The reasoning for this switch out is that automakers say not having a spare tire makes the car lighter which then makes it even more fuel efficient.

Well that makes sense, but it also is disappointing, especially if you thought you had a spare tire and then in a time that you needed it you didn't have it.

I, fortunately, do have a spare tire. Honestly, though I never thought to look for one when buying my car, I just assumed it was there as all my other cars had.

Well that will teach me not to just assume any more.

I found this an interesting tip to pass on to you if you're looking at buying a newer vehicle. Whether it's a brand spankin' new 2016 or maybe it's last years model. Just double check on the spare so you don't get caught in a dire situation without one.