This is a story that will make your stomach turn.

Our news partner WTVO TV is reporting that a Monroe woman has kept 93 cats inside her home. What is worse is that 42 of the cats have passed away, with 15 of those cats in the freezer.

Residents were complaining of a smell of cat urine. The police have been to the home more than once for the same accusation.

When the authorities came to the home, they found 15 cats in the garage, along with multiple cat carriers. Then they found more cats and the perished animals in the freezer.

The home, which is located in Monroe at 1106 19th St.  has been condemned. 50 cats have been turned over to the Green Country Humane Society. All of the cats will be tested and made sure that they are in good health.

There could also be animal cruelty charges brought up against the woman, but they want to make sure the the punishment will help in the long run.

"(Maybe) an injunction that she can't have cats for a long period of time, or that she has to agree to inspections, or some sort of probation type thing, plus a mental assessment to see why this is occurring. That's what we seek out of this kind of thing for charges,” said Monroe Police Chief Fred Kelley.