If you happen to be participating in anything illegal and you want to get revenge, a Loves Park man just did that. 

WTVO TV has a story about a Loves Park resident who went to a business to have some fun gambling, which is not legal at all. He then proceeded to lose some money.

The man was not happy with what happened. Maybe he was cheated, maybe he decided that enough was enough. So, he did what anyone who is upset over losing money would do, and that is call police.

Loves Park police were called to Truck Liquidation Sale, who interviewed staff on the scene. They not only found there was illegal gambling going on, but the business was also selling weapons that you just can't go to a store to find.


Anyone need a throwing star? Rockford ninjas will now be disappointed to know they can't go there. Although that is a creative way to use the weapon for a hair tie.

The Washington Post/Getty Images

The business was also found selling brass knuckles. I am pretty sure the picture of the brass knuckles above were not found.

Patrick T. Fallon

And what weapon collection would not be complete without a stun gun. Unless you know of someone who is afraid to walk alone at night, I don't see the need to purchase this.

The moral of the story is: Don't run an illegal gambling business because it will come back to haunt you in the end. People are going to lose money gambling. Who make the most money? The business who runs it. Not a smart idea to start anything like that.