Free to a good home, not friendly and kinda scary lookin'.A friend of mine caught this lovely creature in his garage in New Milford, just look at those teeth and nails on his rear feet. Mr possum came wanderin' in where he should not have been. This is what nightmares are made of if you didn't know any better.

But before anyone gets spooked out, you should know that despite their scary looks, possums serve a lot of benefits to nature and the neighborhood.

Did you know that Possums:

  • Eat 5000 ticks a year (and do not contract lyme disease)
  • 95% of the species do not carry rabies
  • Eat insects, Snails, Small rodents and dead stuff
  • Are North America's only marsupial
  • Are known as nature's pest control and Clean-up crew

If you ignore possums, they will do you no harm. They are more scared of you, than you are scared of them.

Now, obviously you don't want to bring one into the house and cuddle with it, but c'mon this is one awesome possum! Sure he's kinda cute in a 'snarly' sort of way.

Now what to do about him? Your suggestions?